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Status & Info

A tool to activate and set up urls for Apache server-status and server-info modules.

WordPress Core Operations

Apache Status & Info allows to check Apache configuration and settings, right in the WordPress admin.

When you want to use server-info and/or server-status with Apache server, you must modify (right in your .htaccess file) the rewrite rules generated by WordPress. And you must do it each time WordPress modify and regenerates the rules.
Apache Status & Info do it for you, without you having to intervene. Just activate it and that’s it!

In addition to this, Apache Status & Info allows you to monitor your Apache configuration and settings, right in your WordPress admin.

Made For WordPress

No handled PII. No cookie set.

Consistent user interface.

Installation right from the official WordPress directory.

Optional and free CDN to serve resource files.


Do you want to make Apache Status & Info a better plugin? Whether you are a developer or not, you can help me to do it...

Support & Help

I’ll be glad to help you if you encounter issues with this plugin. Just use the support section of the WordPress directory.