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IP Locator

Country and language detection service for WordPress.

WordPress Observability Foundations

Fast, reliable and plug & play, IP Locator provides conditional customization and detection API.

and IP Locator can detect and render the country, the main language and the country flag of each visitor of your site. It provides: a strong, accurate and ultra-fast IP and country detection; many shortcodes to display country names, languages and flags (emoji or vectorized); a shortcode to conditionally hide or show strings or other shortcodes; a CSS modifier to add a country-specific class to the body tag of your site; an automatic system to be always up to date (no API key, no IP data files to manually import).

IP Locator is an analytics tool too and can be used to report: KPIs, number of detected countries and languages, accesses breakdown and detection ratio; countries for real humans with public IPs; languages for real humans with public IPs; metrics variations; metrics distributions; full list of countries per channel; full list of countries per client (requires the free Device Detector plugin).

IP Locator can detect the source IP even behind proxies or load-balancers use AWS CloudFront, Cloudflare, Google Cloud-LB and Apache mod_geoip to speed-up detection and runs its IP data updates in background, without impact on the website speed.

IP Locator provides an extensive set of WP-CLI commands to help operations too.

If you are a themes or plugin developper, IP Locator offers a full featured API.

IP Data

IP Locator uses IP data I curate myself and I publish via my own no-log servers exclusively for IP Locator. Data is CC0 licensed.

IP Locator accesses this service on a regular basis (if the option is enabled) to maintain an up-to-date version of the data.

Multisite Delegation

On WordPress multisite, Network Admins can configure the plugin. All sites users can use plugin features (shortcodes and APIs).

Made For WordPress

Single-site / Multisite WordPress compatibility.

PII handling. No cookie set.

Extensive set of WP-CLI commands.

Consistent user interface.

Installation right from the official WordPress directory.

Optional and free CDN to serve resource files.


Do you want to make IP Locator a better plugin or improve its API? Whether you are a developer or not, you can help me to do it...

Support & Help

I’ll be glad to help you if you encounter issues with this plugin. Just use the support section of the WordPress directory.