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oEmbed Manager

Management tool to fine-tune and conditionally activate WordPress core oEmbed producer/consumer.

WordPress Security & Compliance

oEmbed Manager can help to achieve GDPR compliance.

oEmbed Manager helps you to: allow/disallow other websites to embed your content; conditionally allow/disallow the display of embedded content on your site; fine tune the way oEmbed operates in the WordPress core; list, clear and update/create oEmbed cached items.

To conditionally allow/disallow the display of embedded content, oEmbed Manager fully integrates with: Cookie Consent, Cookie Notice for GDPR, Do Not Track Stats, EU Cookie Law, GDPR, GDPR Cookie Compliance and GDPR Cookie Consent.

If you use one of these plugins, you can set oEmbed to display embedded content only when a visitor has agreed your cookie or privacy policy, or when she/he has not set the Do Not Track flag of her/his browser.

Multisite Delegation

On WordPress multisite, Network Admins can configure the plugin options. Sites Admins can set the plugin and use management tools for their own site.

Made For WordPress

Single-site / Multisite WordPress compatibility.

No handled PII. No cookie set.

Extensive set of WP-CLI commands.

Consistent user interface.

Installation right from the official WordPress directory.

Optional and free CDN to serve resource files.


Do you want to make oEmbed Manager a better plugin? Whether you are a developer or not, you can help me to do it...

Support & Help

I’ll be glad to help you if you encounter issues with this plugin. Just use the support section of the WordPress directory.