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Powerful sessions manager for WordPress with multi-criteria sessions limiter and full analytics reporting.

WordPress Security & Compliance

Sessions relies on the standard WordPress sessions manager and add it extra features and controls.

With Sessions, it’s now possible to limit users’ sessions, on a per role basis. You can limit concurrent sessions for the following criteria: count per user; count per IP adresses; count per country (requires the free IP Locator plugin); count per device classes and types, client types, browser or OS (requires the free Device Detector plugin).

For each roles defined on your site, you can also block login based on private/public IP ranges, and define idle times for sessions auto-termination. You can also set a maximum number of IPs used for each user – useful to limit credential sharing between many people.

Sessions embed a tool to list or kill current sessions.

Sessions is an analytics tool too that can report the following main items and metrics: login success, active sessions, cleaned sessions, active users, turnover and spam sessions; active and cleaned sessions details; users and sessions variations; moves distribution; login/logout breakdowns; password resets.

Session provides an extensive set of WP-CLI commands to help operations.

No Multisite Delegation

On WordPress multisite, Network Admins can use all the plugin features. Sites Admins have no access to the plugin features.

Made For WordPress

Single-site / Multisite WordPress compatibility.

No handled PII. No cookie set.

Extensive set of WP-CLI commands.

Consistent user interface.

Installation right from the official WordPress directory.

Optional and free CDN to serve resource files.


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Support & Help

I’ll be glad to help you if you encounter issues with this plugin. Just use the support section of the WordPress directory.