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Full featured analytics reporting tool for WordPress APIs.

WordPress Observability Foundations

Traffic brings accurate oversight about all inbound and outbound API calls.

Traffic analyzes all inbound and outbound API calls on your site. It can report KPIs: number of calls, data volume, server error rate, quotas error rate, effective pass rate and perceived uptime; domains, subdomains and endpoints details; metrics variations; HTTP codes, protocols and methods details; geographical repartition of calls (requires the free IP Locator plugin).

Traffic comes with a in-browser console to observe live traffic and provides an extensive set of WP-CLI commands to help operations.

Multisite Delegation

On WordPress multisite, Network Admins can configure the plugin and have access to all analytics reports. Sites Admins have access to the analytics reports of their own sites.

Made For WordPress

Single-site / Multisite WordPress compatibility.

No handled PII. No cookie set.

Extensive set of WP-CLI commands.

Consistent user interface.

Installation right from the official WordPress directory.

Optional and free CDN to serve resource files.


Do you want to make Traffic a better plugin?
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Support & Help

I’ll be glad to help you if you encounter issues with this plugin. Just use the support section of the WordPress directory.